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Marriage And Music

Added on by Avi Amon.

So. I got married this summer! We're prepping for our honeymoon, but I wanted to share some fun announcements before hitting the road/air. 

  • I was selected (with my collaborator, Hadar Ahuvia) for a 2018 Exploring the Metropolis Choreographer+Composer Residency at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning. New dance piece in the works!
  • I'll also be in residence at Judson this spring, presenting a work-in-progress in late March. It's so in-progress that I don't yet know what it will consist of, but I can't turn down a good deadline.
  • Year 2 of my collaborative SongMaking program with NYU and the 52nd St. Project is underway. Check back for upcoming performances.
  • Speaking of NYU, I'll be teaching a collaborative class called Choreographers, Composers, and Designers this Spring. A semester long course, culminating in evening of original interdisciplinary work.