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Composer-Librettist Studio at New Dramatists

Added on by Avi Amon.

It's the last day of my residency at New Dramatists tomorrow. After an insane 2.5 weeks generating material, we'll be having a public reading of sorts. Join us, if you can, between 1pm and 5pm to listen to some new work created by some wonderful people.

All public events at New Dramatists are FREE. Reservations are required. Please email or call 212-757-6960 for information about the day's schedule and to reserve your seat.

Here's more info about the Composer-Librettist Studio:

Facilitated by Ben Krywosz of Nautilus Music-Theater and Music Director Roger Ames, this nearly round-the-clock, two-week studio intensive sparks early-stage collaborations. Participating New Dramatists playwrights work in rotation with composers from a variety of musical and stylistic backgrounds and an ensemble of performers to develop overnight responses to a range of songwriting assignments.

Participating Playwrights:
Jami Brandli
Kara Lee Corthron
Jessica Dickey
Cori Thomas
Melisa Tien

Participating Composers:
Avi Amon
Julia Barry
Matt Frey
Sojourner Hodges
Joseph Rubinstein

Participating Performers:
Jen Anaya
Tim Jerome
Jessica Medoff
Tracy Michailidis
Karim Suleyman

The Composer-Librettist Studio is made possible by lead sponsorship from The Jerome Foundation.