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2014, NVR4GET

Added on by Avi Amon.

Yeah, well that happened. 

It was an amazing year full of personal and professional growth. Julia and I came off of the 2014 NMTC high with as much grace as possible (read: not that much grace) and have continued developing THE WHITE CITY in a very real way. Just waiting to hear back from the 752 awards and grants we applied to at this point.... Other highlights include: a collaboration with Kareem Lucas on a night of performance poetry, the release of Jessica Carvo's EP - Nightfall, a collaboration with the team at Block Club on a video for the United Nations, and the joy of seeing PagPag continuing to make its way around the international film circuit.

But now onto things more relevant. 2015! After a productive week up at the O'Neill earlier this month, Julia and I are making great progress on our new show, SALONIKA. Get ready for some incredible/intense storytelling (pay attention to that word), Ladino nursery rhymes, and a score that fuses electronica with sounds from the Balkans the Middle East. And of course, there will be some Ottoman-era shadow puppetry, too. So, yeah.

I'll leave you with some videos from our concert of THE WHITE CITY last December. Producing your own stuff is hard but this makes it a little worth the effort and is a great reminder of how talented my friends are: