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New Job! New Website!

Added on by Avi Amon.

Thrilled to announce that I've joined the JCCManhattan as a program associate with their Arts+Ideas department. Arts+Ideas at the JCC has an impressive music, theater, film, guest speaker, and visual art series - I'm helping develop and coordinate these events. Yeah!


What's the best thing to do with your summer after finishing your MFA?  Make a website that actually showcases your work.  I've spent the last month or so diving into the whole Squarespace (actual best platform on the planet) thing and I'm pleased with how everything has turned out.  

Be sure to check out all the music and videos I've curated on this site and be in touch if you catch any typos.  I'm not saying that I'll change anything, just like, you know.

I've also updated the layout of my tumblr.  Hope to get back on that bandwagon soon but I posted a weird face-in-a-face-in-a-face gif thing in the meantime.