nyc-based composer, sound-designer, and music director. i do other stuff, too.


A collection of songs and settings I've worked on - many since moving to New York - with wonderful collaborators. From musical theater to art song to performance poetry. Enjoy!


My Mother's In Town

Collaboration with Julia Gytri
Performed by Mike Siktberg

Jason asks his best friend, Lily, if she’ll suffer through a dinner with his mother.

Instrumentation: voice, piano

That Day


Collaboration with Naomi Matlow
Performed by Ryan Bloomquist

This song was inspired by how the media and individuals grapple with commemorating and remembering the events of September 11, 2001. In this song we hope to convey the confusion and uncertainty that is always an element in the act of remembrance.

Instrumentation: voice, piano


Man With Friend

Collaboration with Nolan Doran

This was part of an assignment that encouraged us to find inspiration in works of visual art. We were struck by a Lucian Freud exhibit at The Met and decided that his grotesque paintings would be good fodder for some music...

Instrumentation: voice, body percussion, piano, melodica 

Tick Tock

Collaboration with Max Vernon

Presented at the NYU Graduate Musical Theater cabaret in 2011.

Instrumentation: voice, piano

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Text by Shel Silverstein

Performed by Luke Williams, Baritone

Commissioned for Luke Williams' Senior voice recital at the University of Delaware.

Instrumentation: voice, piano