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Pictures of the Sun

So, I'm in a band. And we're really good!

Pictures of the Sun is made up of five NYC-based musicians, each with their own unique genre-spanning musical background. Fronted by singer, Jessica Carvo, they capture the essence of today’s folk/pop-rock/indie sound while maintaining a firm grasp on their own individual musical identities. Similar to acts like Of Monsters And Men, Sara Bareilles, and The Lumineers, Pictures Of The Sun will leave you laughing, crying, dancing, and feeling warm... all over.

The group came together in 2012. We are currently performing throughout the tri-state area, most recently during a residency at Pete's Candy Store and at a sold-out show at The Living Room in NYC.

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Keys/Vocals:  Avi Amon
Lead Vocals/Ukulele:  Jessica Carvo
Guitar:  Seon Gomez
Percussion/Vocals:  Joe Tucker
Bass/Vocals:  Sam Weber

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