nyc-based composer, sound-designer, and music director. i do other stuff, too.

Other Music

I should write some stuff here, shouldn't I?


Istanbul Tango

I wrote this piece while visiting my grandparents in Turkey with serious inspiration from Astor Piazzolla.

Instrumentation: piano, cello, accordion, percussion

La Prima Vez

A traditional Ladino love song, re-imagined. 

Instrumentation: guitar, voice 

The first time I saw
Your eyes I fell in love with you
I loved you from that moment
And until the grave, I will love you.
Come close to me my dear one,
You have saved me.
Discover me and tell me
Your life’s secrets.

La prima vez ke te vidi
De tuz ojos me ‘namori
D’akel momento te ami
Fina la tomba te amare
Aserkate mi kerida
Salvadora de mi vida
Descubrite i avlame
Sekretos de la tu vida