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New Demos!

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The past few months have been CRAZY CITY.  Julia and I have been insane people, spending plenty of late-night hours in the studio after working full days at our jobs. But it's been worth it. There are now 10 tracks recorded from the The White City, including 4 new ones this month alone. I wanted to specifically share the opening number - we're super proud of it and SO thankful for all the time and energy everyone has given to help make it a reality.  Have a listen:  

Ensemble - Avi Amon, Hannah Dowdy, Benny Gammerman, Julia Gytri, Geoffrey Kidwell, Beth Kirkpatrick, Matthew Ellis Murphy, Sara Nicholson, Helen Park, Mike Siktberg

Guitar - Mike Siktberg
Piano - Will Buck

Chicago 1893. Meet Lucy, a member of Buffalo Bill's Wild West, in town to perform for crowds at the World's Fair. She quickly discovers that she's not interested in performing: all she wants is to be the audience and bear witness to this historic event. As she explores the grounds with Jem, a Columbian Guard, they learn of the modern wonders that the World's Columbian Exposition has to offer, becoming entranced by all of the possibilities that lie in their future.

PAGPAG Featured at Montreal World Film Festival

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August 25th and 30th! More info on my calendar page. Here is the posting on the Montreal World Film Festival website that will have the information as well. It's being billed under the Focus On World Cinema Short Film Series. Roadtrip? Anyone?

I had the distinct pleasure of scoring this film last year. John Paul Su is an extremely talented, up-and-coming writer/director who I met through a mutual friend at NYU. PAGPAG has already won a number of awards, most recently, the Directors' Guild of America Student Film Award.

PAGPAG tells the story of a young girl's hopes for adoption while living in the landfill-slums outside of Manila.  The score is influenced by traditional Filipino rhythms and pop music from the region. Several of the instruments are actually played through pieces of garbage to highlight the characters' plight as well as their strength through adversity. Please visit my film music page for more info.