nyc-based composer, sound-designer, and music director. i do other stuff, too.


Collaborations with choreographers are some of my most exciting experiences. Movement as a form art and expression can be abstract and confusing but when combined with the right music and sound, the results are beautiful.


rushed life.

Ongoing collaboration with Chihiro Shimizu

Dancers: Caitlyn Johansen, Nick Katen, Ross Katen, Catherine Kirk, Jayne Paley, Scottie Stanpone, and Chuck Wilt

Instrumentation: piano, rhodes, bass, strings, electronica

Tasked Phenomenology

Choreographers: Erika Barbee, Ben Freedman, Carissa M. Landes
Composers: Avi Amon, Nikko Benson, Julia Gytri 
Set design: Stephan Moravski
Lighting: Vadim Ledvin
Costumes: Izzy Fields
Performers: Louisa Barta, Stanton Jacinto, Nick Katen, Catherine Kirk, Jayne Paley

Instrumentation: found sound, hammered dulcimer, voice, electronica

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