nyc-based composer, sound-designer, and music director. i do other stuff, too.

Arranging and Orchestration

I offer custom arrangements and orchestrations for your choir, a-cappella group, band, or any other ensemble. I have arranged for groups across the US, spanning all genres (musical theater, classical, a cappella, pop, etc) and skill levels.  Whatever the project, I will work to match your musical vision with your group’s ability and voicing/instrumentation requirements. 

As a member - and former music director - of the University of Delaware Deltonesmy vocal arrangements have appeared on NBC's The Sing-Off!

Check out more videos here and a partial list of previously arranged charts on

A typical package will include:

  1. PDF file of Vocal and/or instrumental chart - Can be easily downloaded and printed to your own computer.
  2. Rehearsal Track - Listening track of all parts, perfect for individual or group rehearsal.
  3. Practice Tracks - Individualized listening tracks for each section, perfect for personal or sectional practice.

Tutorials, one-on-one lessons, coaching, and transcription/copyist services are also available.

Please contact me for availability and pricing information.